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                                  Pathalagere guest house

                                                       come stay enjoy!

call: Mobile: +91-9482325588

pathalagere guest house is located near to Kodachadri.and near to other places like kollur,Sigandur,Sringeri,Theertha halli,Hidlumane falls,Jog falls etc. especielly it is very near to Kodachadri.

 Rooms-Pathalagere guest house is like a resort.because it is having a village type of accommodation,which is having a cottage(hut) etc. and it is made from bamboo and other natural things.and there are other rooms which are having facilities.and the cottages are having good facilities like electricity,bath room facilities it is very convinient and enjoyable.

Food- foods are provided to the places where you are,and the food is in the style of malnad.that is thambuli,palyam,happala,butter,ghee,rice,sambar,rasam etc. and a good atmosphere at the place.the food like chapathi,palav etc.will be provided.

fire camp-you can enjoy with fire camp in front of your hut.and with your musiq systems you can enjoy with many of visiters told that it is the enjoyable thing.

you can sit near to water and in the farm.

so it is called as a place which is having the services of all the places such as Homestay,Stay,Accommodation,Resorts,farm,Farm house,Geust house,cottages etc.

Kodachadri is a hilly place  located in westren Shimoga.Kodachadri is having all like Temples,nature bueaty if you planning to visit Kodachadri you can stay in Pathalagere guest house.For more information about Price,best time to visit etc.

 Route-From shimoga, proceed to hosanagara (55 kms) and from hosanagara take the road towards kollur.

After travelling for nearly 17 kms you will get nagara,Go in kollur road, Go to 16kms you will get Sampekatte take a left turn at sampekatte.After travelling nearly 7kms you will get Kattinaholey.and you can ask some one there.


     Phone: +91-08185-290404

     Mobile: +91-9482325588

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